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Intensive Intervention Placement

The Department of Communities Child Safety and Disability Services funds a range of family-based and residential care placement options for children and young people in care.

Family-based options include:

  • general foster and kinship care for children and young people with moderate-to-high support needs
  • intensive foster care placements for those with complex needs.

Our Intensive Intervention Placement Service is part of Mercy Community's continuum of care. The service provides time-limited intensive intervention for foster and kinship families who are caring for children and young people with more complex needs who are considered to be under stress, at risk of placement breakdown and/or have had a Statement of Standard of Care issue recorded against them.

At the conclusion of the intervention, the carer family continues to be supported by our Foster and Kinship Care Program or is transferred back to their previous support agency.

We tailor the intervention to meet the individual needs of the child or young person in the placement by enhancing the carer family’s capacity to meet those needs. We aim to maintain the stability of the placement through education, information and support in areas relating to the needs of the child or young person, such as attachment or the effects of trauma on a child or young person’s brain, as well as through strategies to address related behaviours.

Direct case work with the child or young person, including counselling (Goodna and Toowoomba), specialist assessments and coordination of stakeholders, is carried out by the foster care caseworker.