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We enable children, young people and families to feel valued, connected and strengthened and have hope for the future

Family Matters Program Goodna & Ipswich

Family Matters is a community service promoting the wellbeing of children, young people and their families in the Goodna and Ipswich areas, from all cultural backgrounds and experiences.

Family Matters Program

The Family Matters Goodna program provides innovative services, assistance and support to children and young people who are showing early signs of, are impacted by, or who may be at risk of developing mental health issues, as well as their families.

We deliver information and referral services and offer counselling and support for individual family members and the whole family. We partner with other services to provide families with access to information, education and counselling and mutual support groups to strengthen their resilience through early intervention and prevention. We work to increase families' support networks and minimise the incidence of crisis.

We can assist

Children experiencing:

  • sadness, hopelessness and social withdrawal
  • negative thoughts
  • fearfulness, nervousness, perfectionism, worry, shyness, negative body image and clinginess
  • aggression, bullying, anger, stealing, lying, concentration problems, running away and risk taking.

Young people who are:

  • concerned about their feelings and mental health
  • having problems with friends, school or work
  • increasingly worried about a parent’s mental illness.

Parents feeling:

  • very anxious about their children
  • unsure how mental health issues are affecting their parenting or their children.

Families in which:

  • one person is mentally unwell
  • parents or children are worried
  • help is needed in navigating the mental health system
  • there is a need to ‘offload’ and discuss concerns.

Who can use the service?

A child or young person who:

  • is aged up to18 years
  • has at least one adult family member or carer willing to work with them and the service
  • lives in the Ipswich local government area (Goodna and Ipswich)
  • does not have a clinical diagnosis
  • is not under shared or total care of the Department of Communities Child Safety Services.

No formal referral or paperwork is needed—just contact the Family Matters Team on (07) 3280 8000.

We will ask you for information that will help us understand your concerns about how mental health is affecting the child or young person and offer you the appropriate information and services.