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Community Action for a Multicultural Society Toowoomba

The Community Action for a Multicultural Society (CAMS) Program at our Cultural Diversity Hub in Toowoomba focuses on increasing culturally diverse communities’ access to services in the Darling Downs South West Region, as well as improving agencies’ capacity for appropriate service delivery to refugee and migrant settlers.

CAMS is a network of community workers in metropolitan and regional Queensland, funded by Multicultural Affairs Queensland, who support migrant and refugee communities, raise awareness of multiculturalism and promote the development of vibrant and inclusive communities across the state.

Our CAMS Program has been recognised for its contribution to multiculturalism in the region with the 2014 Friends of Africa Award at Parliament House Canberra and the 2012–2013 Business Excellence Award from the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Multicultural and settlement resources

Our community training resource Strengthening Communities helps migrant and refugee communities manage family life in Australia in areas such as parenting, intergenerational relationships, education, the labour market and Australian law. The latest Strengthening Communities training module focuses on the Australian healthcare system. 

We produce the Darling Downs Multicultural Services Directory, a community resource which introduces newly-arrived culturally diverse communities to the region’s services, community associations and facilities.  

Our two-day forum Connecting Our Communities: Social Connection and Cultural Diversity in Regional and Rural Life brought together community members, associations and stakeholders to explore the interaction of social connection and cultural diversity outside metropolitan centres. The Forum Communique summarises the key points from these discussions. 

Our specialist-facilitated training program, Culture in Casework, gives mainstream services advanced skills and expertise in supporting clients from culturally and linguistically diverse communities over a one-day interactive program of presentations, case studies and group work. 

We also produce the Darling Downs Multicultural Bulletin, which supports the region’s response to working with people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Multicultural and settlement programs 

Our community development program, Linking Leaders, increases new migrant and refugee community leaders’ skills in project management, networking and leadership to help them develop and strengthen their communities. 

Our SportConnect program connects young refugee adult men and women with local sporting groups via orientation forums, intercultural networking activities and community conversations.

Settling In offers information sessions for newly-arrived refugee communities on aspects of Australian life such the workplace and legal system. 

FamilyNEXT is a forum-based program for African communities which explores issues such as cultural maintenance, intergenerational communication and dealing with grief and loss as part of the settlement process.

Our Toowoomba Migration Advice Clinic and Eye-Care We-Care Vision Clinic provide access  for migrant and refugee families to specialist support in family reunion and vision screening. 

Introduction to Regional Industry helps migrant and refugee communities to access job opportunities in the Toowoomba Region’s major industries and workplaces. 

Refugee Afghan women and their families receive health and family maintenance support and information through our Women’s Health and Family Life program. 

Open Doors introduces new culturally-diverse arrivals to the venues, facilities and organisations that enable social connection and belonging within our region’s community life. 

Boukra Ahla ‘Tomorrow Will Be Better’ reduces social isolation among settling Arabic-speaking refugee women and children through facilitated family-friendly social interaction. 

The Cultural Diversity Hub Regional Settlement Program provides casework support for the Toowoomba Region’s refugee communities to help them gain the skills and resources needed to settle successfully.

Our Salaam Persian Language Classes for children 7 years and older supports language maintenance among regional Farsi-speaking families. 

The Cultural Diversity Hub offers language support in Arabic, Farsi, French and Lingala. 

We work in partnership with a wide range of regional stakeholders, including Toowoomba Regional Council, TAFE South West, MDA Ltd and other settlement providers, Refugee and Immigration Legal Service, Essilor Vision Foundation, Empire Theatre, HumeRidge Church, East Creek Community Centre, Boboto Connections and the Toowoomba African Multicultural Association. 

Our programs are funded by Multicultural Affairs Queensland and the Commonwealth Department of Social Services. 

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